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You can insert a drop – down list of valid entries (also called a drop – down menu or drop – down box ) in Excel to make data entry easier, or to limit entries to certain items that you define. Lastet opp av Contextures Inc. Select from a drop down list on the Excel worksheet. However, you can view and interact with a drop – down list in Excel Online, as long as you added the list to your worksheet in the Excel desktop application. Also, make sure to download our free exercise file and start practicing today.

Here’s a look at how to use Excel’s data validation feature to create handy lists within your worksheets.

Drop – down lists can greatly facilitate data entry. To create your own drop – down list for some cell, do the following: 1. Enter the list of items in a range. Select the cell that will contain the drop – down list (cell B in this example).

In the Data Validation dialog box, on the . See how to quickly create an Excel data validation list based on comma- separated values, range of cells or named range. Show a list of valid entries, reduce data entry errors. Videos and free workbook.

Data Validation allows you to do things that involve complicated custom settings like prompting users to choose an option from a list or restricting cells to certain data types.

These instructions work . Excel Drop Down List is an amazing tool for Excel reports and dashboards. In this guide, learn how to create a drop – down list in Excel and. Having a drop – down list in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can often improve the efficiency of your data entry, while also limiting data entry to a specific set of items or data made available in. Once you start to add dropdown menus to your spreadsheets, you’ll inevitably run into a challenge: how can you make one dropdown dynamically respond to another? How to Create a Drop Down List in Excel.

More generally, how can you make the values in a dropdown list depend on another value in the worksheet? Learn how to add and remove a drop – down list for data entry in Excel. Step by step examples are included.

Simple and awesome examples, including dependent lists. Excel lets you use a drop – down list to limit the data that can be placed in blank cells. Excel supports versatile dropdown list options. Use them to control user input. From the DATA tab, select Data Validation.

Click Data Validation in the drop – down list. Note: leave “Ignore blank” checked if you want blank . See screenshot: doc-delete- drop – down – list -1. Then a dialog pops out, and click Clear All button in it, see screenshot: doc- delete- drop – down – list -2.

Click OK button to close the dialog, and all drop down.